Seychelles Market

In February, we saw SCR5,624,098.00 worth of shares traded on Trop-X, most trades being in Seychelles Breweries Ltd. Share prices on all counters were unchanged on the month.


There was no trade in BODCO last month. Shares are available for purchase at SCR24 each. The share price is unchanged on the month and we don’t foresee any major price change in the near term.


SACOS unveiled their new branding and logo last month, as well as the launch of a Wealth Enhancer® product.

Shares worth approx. SCR20,000 traded in SACOS at an average price of SCR140 per share. There are currently shares on offer at SC140, but there are very few buyers. The share price remains unchanged on the month, and we expect it could trade lower going forward.

Seychelles Breweries Ltd

Retailers continue to report supply issues, with many SeyBrew products being unavailable. It would seem the company is still suffering from some of the production issues from last year albeit to a lesser extent.

Approximately SCR5,600,000 worth of shares traded last month at an average of SCR80 each. There are currently shares on offer at SCR80, with buyers willing to pay SCR70. We expect the share price to come down slightly this month.

Sea Harvest Investment PLC

SHI’s $2,000,000 rights offer to fund its expansion and cost saving program was approved by the Exchange this month. The company is waiting for final approval from the regulator to go ahead with the share issue. This is expected shortly. The company will continue with dividend payments when the rights offer is completed.

A small number of shares in SHI traded last month at an average price of US$1.00. There are currently still shares available at this price. We do not expect any price movement until the rights offer has been concluded.