Dear Investors


Is FEAR keeping you behind?

Fear! As kids, we usually fear ghosts, darkness and thunderstorms. But, as we reach adulthood, our fears become more complex and often revolve around money matters. And because of these money-related fears, we usually tend to cringe at the thought of investing. Wealth-building isn’t something restricted to the ‘rich’/ those with a big pile of money; rather, it is something everyone should be doing. And when it comes to building wealth, decisions based on knowledge and wisdom are essential. However, a lot of people are still sceptical about investing, especially here in Seychelles.


Almost all of us are afraid of failing. It’s human nature. We usually don’t like to step out of our comfort zone because we are scared and lack confidence. The fear of failure is also one of the biggest barriers that holds us back from trying something new – like making an investment, for example. But, let me tell you this, failure is not the end of the world. Rather, it is a learning experience.


When it comes to investing, the fear of failure makes us completely give up on the idea of investing. Most of us haven’t even realised that investing is not an option. It is a necessity with today’s climate. Let me put it in an example of something that we do every day and comes with a risk of failure or loss – our work. None of us are perfect. We often make mistakes – some that are costly and others, not so much. But, we don’t leave our jobs over such mistakes and mishaps, do we? Although, a fellow colleague losing his/her job may be sad to hear about, we don’t quit our jobs in fear. Does the news of someone losing their job or the rising number of car accidents stop us from getting a job or driving? No. Then why do we steer clear of investing because someone else has failed at it? Food for thought.


Investing successfully is key to reaching your long-term goals. Your ability to invest successfully, however, is based upon a combination of your knowledge, the tools available to you, your time, your motivation and importantly, the quality of the advice that you receive.


Advice from professionals like us here at Constant Capital, provides you with a clear path thru the minefield of the financial markets, You can dictate how much control you desire over your investment strategy. We will invest the money according to an agreed strategy which includes monitoring and managing the portfolio while you remain in control of your money.


Ever been struck with a profitable business idea or product, But you are unable to get loans from the banks? Well that might not be a problem much longer as a new trend of lending is slowly making waves across the world.

Peer-to-Peer Lending, commonly referred to as “P2P," has been taking the investment world by storm over the past few years. This is largely the result of the financial meltdown a few years ago, when banks became very hesitant to make personal loans, particularly to individuals and small businesses. From an investment standpoint, P2P has provided welcome interest rate relief from the near zero interest rates that have existed at least since 2009.


The result has been people coming to online lending platforms and securing loans for various purposes. But on the back end, those loans are being funded by individual investors. The two parties "meet" on P2P sites, and agree to work out loan terms. The entire process is streamlined and seamless. Borrowers can make application for loans anonymously, while investors can choose from hundreds of different loans to add to their portfolios. Borrowers end up paying lower interest rates than they would at banks, while investors receive earnings that are many times higher than what they can get in certificates of deposit or money market funds at those same banks.


These investments are not entirely risk-free. Individual loans can go into default, and when they do it’s likely that you will lose your investment. However, when you invest through a P2P platform you don't invest in whole loans, but rather in small slivers of those loans. These slivers are referred to as “notes," and you can purchase them in denominations as small as $25. That means that with just a $5,000 investment, you can spread your capital across 200 individual notes, each invested in a separate loan. This kind of diversification greatly minimizes the impact of a default associated with any given loan.

There are several P2P investment platforms available on the web right now, and more are arriving each year. But the two biggest by far are Lending Club and Prosper.


If you are looking for an investment with a solid high return, low risk, and predictable yields, you should look into these two P2P lenders. Fixed income returns greater than 10% per year are hardly unknown with this kind of investing. But if you are a more hand on type of investor you can always invest in an ETF, Stocks or Bonds available at Constant Capital right in in Seychelles. We are based on the first floor of Eden Plaza and we offer free advice on investments. Just give us a call for more information.


There is finally some head way in local market news, for all those who requested shares in the CCCS Project back in July. The Steering committee released a statement last week official letting investors know their bid was successful. Payment of shares allocated is expected to be in the coming weeks.

SACOS still undeterred at SCR 120 this week, whist in vast contrasts Seybrew drops to almost half the value of Sacos’s share, trading @ SCR 67.50 to BODCO’s SCR 24 while Sea Harvest are about ready to go on sale for $1 in the next few weeks.


Looking forward to our next communication.


Constant Capital