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Lombard Africa Funds

The Lombard Asset Management is a bespoke fund that Constant Capital FX has exclusive access to. The funds are managed by a top-end professional investment team. All which have over twenty years’ experience each in managing investment funds. The fund targets the fast growing sub-Saharan African markets. Sub-Sahara is seen as the major growth region globally over the coming half century. The investment team is one of the few teams that has focused on this region over the past decade and has consistently delivered high returns.

Currently we are offering investment opportunities in only the Africa Frontier Fund and Lombard Managed Forex Fund, access to the other funds will be opened in the near future.

Lombard Africa Fund

The fund will be mandated to deliver an investment return for clients by investing in the growing African economies. The fund will bench mark itself against the MSCI Frontier Markets Africa Index. It will look to outperform the index by stock selection based on fundamental research and close interaction with the economic drivers in the relevant market. All investments will be listed or pre-IPO entities that produce the majority of their income in the African continent. The fund will be actively managed.

Lombard Managed Forex Fund

Lombard Managed Forex Fund is a private Managed Forex Program made up of elite traders who each have a unique proprietary trading system designed to generate consistent long-term returns on behalf of their clients. They have a fully audited & certified proven track record of generating uncharacteristically aggressive profits superior to standard and customary investment returns.
The underlying methodology employed within the fund aims to achieve profitability regardless of the underlying market environment, including whether a particular currency pair is rising or falling.
Designed to exploit short-term trend-based price movements regardless of direction with uncorrelated nature to stocks, bonds, and commodities.